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Baseball Testimonials

"The new web-based software is amazing and has enhanced the best pick proof sign system on the market by making it more user friendly and giving one the ability to access it anywhere. This system is a must have for us at Vanderbilt Baseball!!."

Coach Brown
Vanderbilt University Baseball

"The Own The Zone pitch-calling system is one of the most useful products we use at Vanderbilt University. The software is so simple and easy to use that it allows us to put our entire system into one area! Our pitchers are able to work with the fast pace that we prefer, all thanks to the quickness of the system and its ability to generate a different assortment of pitch-calling cards with the click of a button! A must have in our program for pitch calling!."

Scott Brown, Vanderbilt University
Pitching Coach at Vanderbilt University Baseball
2014 NCAA Div. I National Champions

"This pitch calling system is without question the most valuable system on the market today. You can generate over 20 different cards to ensure the system will never be picked. It's easy for both the coach and the catcher. I firmly believe that if you don't have it — you are missing out. I strongly recommend the system to all coaches at every level."

David Grewe, LSU
Associate Head Coach
2009 NCAA Div. I National Champions

"As a player and now as a coach, I am always looking for a better way to do things. We used the Own The Zone Sports Pick Proof Baseball Sign System last year with great success. I felt our players got the signs quicker, with less mistakes, and with no chance of being stolen by our opponents. I believe this is a better way to give signs."

Scott Brosius, Linfield College
New York Yankees - MLB World Series MVP

"Own The Zone Sports Baseball Sign Software is a valuable addition to our baseball program. This computer program allows us to simplify the game and to make sure that, based on what is going on during the game our players know exactly what we are doing defensively and offensively. It is one of the most valuable tools we have bought here at Oregon State University."

 Pat Bailey, Oregon State University
2006-07 NCAA Div. I National Champions 

"When I first purchased your sign program I wasn't sure if it would really work. There were a lot of people around me that also questioned it. I am here to tell you that it has been one of the smartest calls I have ever made as a baseball coach. Just like you said, our kids picket it up within one practice and it has worked great.
Our biggest success story was when we called a squeeze in a unique situation, which was executed perfectly by my player, resulting in a huge win. This is a the best sign system I have ever seen. In fact, the umpire in our game last week commented how much he appreciated the system because it actually made the game go faster.
The best thing about your system is that players NEVER miss signs... It is that simple to use. I would recommend this sign system to anyone who wants to get an edge on their competition. Also, your customer service is second to none. Thanks again"
Bret Posegate
Johnston High School - Johnston, IA

"This software is an integral part of our continued success at WOU. It is extremely easy to use and our players and coaches love the system. I would highly recommend coaches at all levels to utilize Own The Zone Sports Pick-Proof Baseball Sign Software."

Jeremiah Robbins, Western Oregon University
12 Time Defending GNAC NCAA Div. II League Champions

"I think the software is great — it eliminates the stress and worry related to having you signs picked by the other team and it is pretty simple to use. I absolutely and already have recommended the program to other coaches."

Mik Aoki, Boston College University

"Own the Zone is great. It gives me the opportunity to easily switch defensive plays without the chances of anything getting "picked". We have not missed a play, and probably never will. The kids picked it up in seconds. And the best part is you can use the same calls as often as you want or change the numbers within seconds on the computer. I highly recommend Own The Zone Sports Pick Proof Software."

Bobby Molinaro, Suffolk West CC
2007 Regional Championship Region XV
2007 JUCO World Series

"I would recommend the software to all coaches. We have not had a sign picked in 2 years. Our kids like the system and are tempo/pace of the game is much quicker with these signs. This is top of the line technology."

Joe Mcdonald
Boulder Creek, AZ High School Baseball

"We have been using Own The Zone signs for almost a year now and there has not been one time when I thought we were having our signs stolen and communication between us calling pitches and our catchers has improved greatly. Also we are now able to put in pick-offs during a game without saying a word from the dugout. It has been great I consider it an advantage that no other team in our district has... yet! I would and have recommended the software to other coaches!"

Andy Gilley
Hendersonville High School Baseball

"I love the Own the Zone wristband system. It takes away the worry of someone picking your signs. It also speeds up the pace of the game. I would recommend the system to anyone."

Tommy Pharr
Farragut High School Baseball

"This software has been outstanding. It's easy to use and understand. Our players are rarely missing signs, meaning on-field productivity has increased. Having this system has literally won ballgames for us."

Mike Bailey, Yakima Beetles
American Legion Baseball

"We love the program!"

Mike Sansing, Kennesaw State University

"I want you to know I was curious, but didn't believe this software program was for real when I bought it last year. I had a dilemma; we had a group of very young and inexperienced varsity players and I was looking for some way to make it easier for me to communicate with them. We implemented this and by game 2 it was working. At one point, when I thought they were ready to use traditional hand signals, I had several players say "no coach, we need the wrist bands". I can honestly say we didn't miss a signal all season, this really works."

Mike Keller
Madison High School

"Your system was HUGE for us this year.  (We) started 6 sophomores and 1 freshman on varsity and we never missed a sign!!"

Jim Schilling
Williams Field High School

"Really loved your product. Didn’t miss a sign on our way to the Texas 4A State Championship!"

Glenn Welch
Texas High School

"We have used your product for many years with great success.  2 State Titles, 3 Region Titles, and a 5 Regional Finalist.  Own The Zone Sports' Pick Proof Signs have been a huge help to our success."

Brian Femi
Saint Michaels High School

"Love the new product and update. Going to literally save me 2-3 hours a week. Make sure you note it is awesome for the youth game now !!!!"

Jeff Anderson
Wilson/DeMarini Bombers
12U Major Travel Ball - So. Cal

"We used the software last year and are addicted!"

Casey Burrill
West Ranch High School

Softball Testimonials

"I have been coaching for over thirty years and have seen allot of products come and go!  The Pick-Proof sign software is here to stay and has changed the way coaches communicate signs!  Not often do you find a product that is a game changer but Own the Zone Sports has made a major impact in both Baseball and Softball.  If you are not using this great product, chances are your opponent is!  Picking signs has been elevated to a new level and without a doubt, using this product will allow your communication to become seamless and pick proof!!!!  Try it and I am sure you will agree!!!"

Mike Candrea
Arizona Softball
NCAA National Champions 
1991, 93, 94, 96, 97, 2001, 06, 07

"I think it is awesome. It is so versatile and EASY to work with! The customer service has been incredible!"

Tina Deese

Auburn Softball

"Your software is incredible. It was our best purchase by far last year!"

Pete D'Amour

Missouri Softball

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product"

Laura E. Streets
Delaware State University

"Using Own The Zone Sports Softball Sign System has helped our pitch calling and game flow tremendously!  I wouldn't use any other system!"

Janice Savage
Delaware State University

"Own The Zone Sports has been a fabulous addition to our game.  Our signs are absolutely "pick proof".  This system is the best softball wristband sign system on the market!"

Barb Sherwood
Virginia Tech University

"Great product!! Easy to set up, use, manage, and adjust. Very easy system to install. Our 12u girls picked it up very quick with great results. Girls love it!!!"

Michael Pellegrino
Head Coach
Tulsa Elite 01